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Our firm goes to verdict anywhere between 5 and 10 times per year. The partners having the most trial experience (with regard to frequency and complexity) are Michael J. Mullen, Daniel J. Donnelly and Michael T. Clarke All have tried cases involving complex liability issues wherein seven and eight figure verdicts have been sought for damages related to death, quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain damage, central and peripheral nerve injury as well as various orthopedic problems.

Examples of our trial and other results in recent years are as follows:

Juan Diaz v. Nettleton Specialized Carriers, Cook County, October, 2011

This catastrophic injury case arose out of a multi-vehicle chain collision accident on the eastbound Edens Spur at approximately 12:00 noon on June 13, 2008. A tractor trailer operated by an employee of Defendant Nettleton Specialized Carriers, Inc. struck a line of stopped passenger vehicles…read more

Latos v. Manchester Tank and Equipment Company – Cook County, November, 2010

Several weeks before the commencement of the five-week trial, Mike Mullen of Kralovec & Marquard, Chartered was retained by Defendant Manchester Tank’s first-layer excess carrier with $25 million in exposure excess of the primary’s $3 million to monitor the trial and assist the Insured’s chosen defense counsel out of Los Angeles. The products liability case involved a propane tank explosion. At issue was whether the explosion was caused by…read more

Schultz v. American Products, LLC – Cook County, April, 2009

On April 17, 2009, Mike Mullen and Mike Clarke of Kralovec & Marquard, Chartered began trial in a pedestrian versus automobile traumatic brain injury case involving a 68 year old married woman who was struck mid-block while crossing the street to attend a condominium association meeting…read more

Johnson v. Clark/McHugh/Rausch, a Joint Venture – Cook County, February, 2009

On the day of his accident, Plaintiff, a journeyman electrician, for Coken Electric, was performing his job related duties on the Midway Airport expansion project pursuant to a subcontract agreement Coken had with the general contractor, CMR. Plaintiff was injured while bringing into a trench 90 degree steel elbows weighing approximately 100 lbs. each…read more

Terry v. Frank’s Nursery & Craft – Kane County, July 2008

On October 14, 2008, Mike Mullen and Dan Donnelly of Kralovec & Marquard Chartered began trial in another traumatic brain injury case, this time in Kane County. They represented the interests of Defendant Frank’s Nursery & Craft at the behest of its excess carrier ($25mil policy excess of a $1mil primary policy issued by a different carrier). The case arose out of a collision between a motorcycle operated by Plaintiff Michael Terry, then 49 years of age and an automobile operated by a Frank’s sales associate who admitted liability prior to the commencement of trial …read more

Slater v. National Delivery Service – Circuit Court of Cook County, July 2008

On Monday, July 21, 2008, Mike Mullen and Dan Donnelly of Kralovec & Marquard, Chartered began trial in Cook County in a very serious traumatic brain injury case involving a 16-year-old teenager who was struck by National Delivery Service’s van making a delivery…read more

Bette Lichaw etc. v. 69 West Washington, et al. – Circuit Court of Cook County, April 2008

As widely noted in both the print and electronic media, on April 28, 2008, a $100 million settlement was reached in the highly publicized consolidated Cook County Administration Building fire case which resulted in six deaths and 16 serious injuries…read more

Quad/Graphics, Inc. and Industrial Risk Insurers v. H.K. Systems, Inc., St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company, Leavitt Tube Company and Rack Structures, Inc. – Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, September, 2007

Kralovec & Marquard represented St. Paul Surplus Lines in this complex construction/product liability/coverage litigation. The trial took place in the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin in September of 2007…read more

Margaret Schadt, as Special Administer of the Estate of Michael W. Schadt, Deceased v. Freightmasters, Inc. and John Witherspoon – Circuit Court of Cook County, September, 2006

Mike Mullen and Mike Clarke represented Freightmasters, Inc. and its driver, John Witherspoon, in the trial of this wrongful death/survival action which arose out of a three-vehicle intersection accident which claimed the life of Michael Schadt, a fifty-five year old married father of four…read more

Delgado, et al. and Federal Insurance Co. a/s/o Blommer Chocolate Co. v. Wolverine, Proctor & Schwartz, Inc. v. Blommer Chocolate Co.

Mike Mullen and Dan Donnelly represented Defendant/Third-Party Plaintiff Wolverine, Proctor & Schwartz, Inc. in this property damage, wrongful death and personal injury product liability litigation arising out of the explosion of a Wolverine Jetzone industrial roaster at the Blommer Chocolate facility on West Kinzie Avenue in Chicago on May 19, 2001…read more

Bosson v. Moskal – Circuit Court of Cook County, July 2004

Plaintiff and Defendant were co-workers at a trucking company located in University Park, Illinois. Plaintiff was the General Manager of this facility and the Defendant was his assistant. On the afternoon of the accident, they had lunch with a vendor that supplied fork lift repair services to the trucking company for whom they worked…read more

Yoder v. Ro-mar Transportation – Circuit Court of Cook County, March 2004

Mike Mullen represented Ro-mar Transportation and its driver James Ferguson in this multi-party negligence action arising out of a 17 vehicle pile up on an Interstate 90 bridge near Rockford, Illinois…read more

Jenn v. Tallent – Circuit Court of Cook County, August 2002

Kralovec & Marquard  represented the defendant who admitted liability for failing to yield the right of way to the plaintiff, a pedestrian in the crosswalk…read more

Powers v. Central States Trucking – Circuit Court of Cook County, August 2001

Kralovec & Marquard  represented Central States Trucking in this traumatic brain injury case arising out of a tractor trailer – bicycle accident involving a 10 year old child…read more

Skowronski v. Terry’s Ford Lincoln Mercury of Peotone Inc. – Circuit Court of Cook County, April 2001

Mike Mullen and Daniel Donnelly represented Terry’s Ford in this negligence action arising out of a single vehicle accident involving a 1995 Ford Explorer…read more

Malloy v. Independent Mechanical Industries – Circuit Court of Cook County, March 2001

James Donovan represented Independent Mechanical Industries in this admitted liability rear end collision case where the nature, extent and duration of the Plaintiff’s injuries (herniated cervical disc and overlying fibromyalgia) were in dispute…read more

Beattie v. Lindelof and Valley Express – Circuit Court of Cook County, February, 1999

On December 8, 1988, defendant truck driver was traveling 50 mph in the eastbound lane of Interstate 90 near Schaumburg when the rear of his tractor-trailer was struck by Plaintiff decedent’s vehicle, which was traveling approximately 93 mph, creating an impact speed of 43 mph…read more

Harris v. Precision Stainless, Inc. – Circuit Court of Cook County, August, 1998

Mike Mullen and Bill Spizzirri represented Precision Stainless, Inc. in this Structural Work Act case arising out of a construction accident at the Henkel Corporation which rendered the 32 year old Plaintiff paraplegic…read more

Ungaro v. Rosalco, Inc. – United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, June, 1998

Mike Mullen and Mike Clarke represented Rosalco, Inc. in this strict product liability based wrongful death action arising out of the death of a 19 month old child on a youth racing car bed manufactured by the Defendant…read more

Clatch v. Quality Beers, Ltd. – Circuit Court of Cook County, June, 1995

Mike Mullen represented the Quality Beers, Ltd. Partnership in this wrongful death action arising out of a tractor trailer – automobile collision which claimed the life of Richard Clatch, a father of five…read more

Grady v. Sears – Circuit Court of Cook County, April, 1995

Kralovec & Marquard represented Sears in this product liability wrongful death action arising out of a boating accident on a local river. Plaintiff’s decedent was a passenger in a boat that went over a low-head dam and capsized…read more

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