Mullen brings a common-sense approach to job


Michael J. Mullen talks to Daley Center juries from a podium that he brings to court.

That’s not an unusual practice, but Mullen’s podium could be the only one in the courthouse that features a few drops of paint. It was a gift from one of Mullen’s daughters, who as a child apparently thought it would look better with pastel splashes.

“I cannot try a case without that podium,” Mullen said. “There’s my superstition.”

Mullen’s peers cite his approach from that wooden stand as the reason for his longevity in defending clients in Cook County Circuit Court and other venues. During the last 29 years, defendants hired him to prevent or limit damages in lawsuits brought by some of the city’s most well-known plaintiff lawyers.

Mullen is a shareholder at Kralovec & Marquard Chtd., where he runs…

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